If God is in the Work, You will Constantly Be Building



I love this! On Sunday a few weeks back , Pastor Teague interviewed Roger Smith about some of his real-life experiences over the years as a long-term member of Victory Hill Church. Back then it was Lancaster Church of God, but Roger was actually there from the very beginning.


Roger is such a great guy. He is a faithful greeter who will shake your hand or give you a decisive high five as you walk into service. He is the one who makes eye contact and sincerely greets you and may even give you a hard time if you haven’t been there for a while because he notices. And remembers.


He has been there through many the stages of growth and building and wisely recognizes that we are building for our future, for our children and, should Jesus tarry, for our children’s children.


Jesus said, “I will only do what I see my Father doing. I can only act in obedience to Him.” John 8:28, 14:31 Even as He taught us the importance of obedience, He was teaching us the importance of trusting God for the Holy Spirit power to do the work. 


Pastor went on to talk about Nehemiah and how under His amazing leadership, the remnant of Israel re-built the walls of Jerusalem. “So we built the walls in 52 days, because the people had a mind to work.” Nehemiah 4:6.  Wow! Do you get the significance of this? They re-built the ruined walls in a time when there were no forklifts, no cranes, and no pre-cast bricks. They re-built the ruined walls with the pure physical creativity and ability of the workers. 


As we enter this stage of growth and building with our church, the following questions began to burn within me:


Who among us has a mind to work? 

Who among us will be found doing only what the Father is doing? 

Who among us will pray as Nehemiah did, before he ever started the work? 

Who among us can see that when God is in the work, we will always be building?


Let us pray to that end today and allow God to whisper His specific instruction into our hearts and then hop to it…those bricks will not move themselves!