You Are a Child of God: SuperGenes and SuperMeans


My delightful kids, 10 and 7 years, seem to be obsessed right now with which parent they resemble more. They love observing their own physical characteristics, character traits, innate tendencies and then studying their mom or dad to see which one they are most like. Maybe it is that insatiable desire to know the outcome before we get there. We all have that, don’t we?


So after all our analysis, we have concluded that our daughter resembles Daddy mostly, not only in her appearance, but also in a myriad other ways: How they get colds. How they solve problems. And even how they run. On the other hand, we also see that she resembles me, her mom, in a number of ways: How she interacts with her friends, the things she likes to do, her choices in what to wear. Likewise, our son tends to resemble his Mama most closely in skin tone, facial features and his tender heart. But alas, he is a boy and we readily observe all those man-cub tendencies towards making weird (& loud) noises, a love for cars and collecting rocks.


It can be argued, of course, that the apple does not fall far from the tree. That you become who you are because of your genes, regardless of any teaching or training or attempts to change it. On the other hand, there is abundant research that points to nurture playing an undeniable role in who we turn out to be.


As believers, we are Children of God. That means we are chosen, appointed, redeemed, stamped and sealed. That means that we have the best of both genetics and nurturing. Listen to this…we have been made in His image. (Genesis 1:27) He has implanted the DNA of His greatness in each of us. Let that really sink in for a moment…


The hard reality, though, is that we are also 100% human. That means we will never be perfect or even close. However, the Bible says that He is constantly working to sanctify us…that means improve, purify, make holy. He never stops growing us, teaching us and reviving us. Wow. 


So, not only do we have ‘SuperGenes’ we also have ‘SuperMeans’. His Holy Spirit working in us will quicken and empower and bolster and strengthen us to complete everything that He puts in front of us, should we choose to accept His mission! 


But therein lies the rub, the real pre-requisite for greatness. The Bible makes it very clear that all of this comes to those who have accepted His Lordship and then, on a daily basis, choose to follow Him. Whew! That means saying no to good things that call you off your purpose in Him. That means saying no to other things that pull you away from His holiest standard for your life. That means separating yourself unto Him, to the exception of all else that is desperately grappling for your attention. 


Will you choose His destiny for you today? Will you join me as a joint-heir with Christ? The outcome, (and we do know) is literally…out of this world!!