Old Shoes



Well worn, well used…used up. To be discarded, replaced with newer, better, cleaner and more functional. Have you felt like that? Have you ever felt like you were used up, so tired and worn-out that surely God could find someone, anyone, who could do what He has called you to do better, more effectively, faster and with more panache. If you are a mom of littles, like me, it is probably every day, right?


Truthfully, it was only when the bottom fell out of these ones, that my husband finally relented and decided it was time. Time to pull out the brand new ones that he has hidden away for oh, about a year. Yes, sitting in a box in the storage room, just waiting for their opportunity to be part of the action. To hit the road, to be used. 


Why didn’t he want to switch them out? Well, the old ones had served him through many a bike ride. They were soft and broken in, they slid on easily with no fight and were comfortable through a 40 mile bike ride. See, my husband is no casual, recreational rider. When he rides, it is always a race against the clock, himself and whatever near-impossible standard he has set for the day. Impressed? Well you should be. He doesn’t just ride, he trains. Hard. And he needs his gear to work as hard as he does. Maybe that is why he couldn’t bear the thought of switching out the shoes. Maybe that is why he waited until the bottom literally fell out before he finally made the call.


Here is is so amazing about the God we serve. We serve a God that can rescue us when the bottom falls out. And not by replacing us with a newer model. Why is that? I am so glad that you asked. See, He promised His Holy Spirit to bolster and strengthen and empower us to do everything that He asks us to do…yes everything! We are a holy priesthood, called to go into all the earth and proclaim His name. But just look at this promise:


    Forget the former things; do not dwell on the past. See, I am doing a new thing!     

    Now it springs up; do you not perceive it? I am making a way in the wilderness     

    streams in the wasteland.                                 ---Isaiah 43:18-19


I don’t claim to say that you will never feel tired, broken or too worn-out to carry on, but the very Creator of universe promises that He will not only meet you there, but will create in you a new thing. In you, not beside you and not instead of you. He wants to re-make you, all new. 


See, while the new shoes are squeaky clean and fresh, the old shoes have battle scars and miles of experience that are simply irreplaceable. Your battle scars and miles of experience might be the very thing that qualifies you to reach someone who might be enduring the most difficult thing of their life. They might need you to be Jesus with skin on. Remember the old saying, “You will never understand another until you walk a mile in his shoes…” Be thankful for all the miles He has given you.