Spring- Nature's Ressurection

I can’t help but get excited every spring when I see tulips and daffodils rise from the cold and still ground. Every spring God seems to create something out of nothing. 


Have you ever considered that flowers are something that have very little purpose other than beauty and enjoyment. Not to mention the lovely scents…all of them lavishly given for our pleasure! Sure they provide nectar and are a precursor to fruit on the fruit-bearers…but why couldn’t He have skipped the flower stage and gone straight to the fruit? 


Well, once again, our God and Creator shows us his love in this elaborate way. He wants us to enjoy the beauty, the process, and ultimately the journey of our lives. Having just finished the sermon series, “Stories”, consider yours for a moment. First of all, did you know that you have one? An epic story, unique and amazing, one that can only be lived out and made heroic by you. Sometimes the mundane of our lives makes us blind to our own miraculousness. My spell check tells me that is not really a word, but you really are! See, if you have breath today, that is a divine miracle and a gift. You have a reason for being on this planet. You have a story. 


Just as the earth and trees and flowers are renewed every spring, be reminded that through Christ our lives and our stories can be renewed. As you surrender to Him, He wants to rewrite your story for His glory. None of the heroes of the Bible were perfect, far from it. They were all regular people just like you and me, regular people who were chosen to live out a purpose that was impossible to accomplish without Him.


Our biggest challenge is that we seem bent on trying to live His story in our own strength. If you are like me, you are failing miserably at it and wondering why everything is so hard. Well, my friend, life is hard. But remember, God never intended to plunk us down here to muddle through on our own. The most heroic thing you can do is surrender to His help, His renewal and ultimately His authorship of your story.


If you are discouraged today, look around at the beauty of our world. None of it happens by accident. The very air you breathe is a perfectly blended formula of just the right stuff to nourish our respiratory systems and give us life. Your body is a miracle, these temples that we live in (and often take for granted!) are so perfectly constructed that we should do nothing but fall down astounded at their very magnificence. Surrender to His loving care today, knowing that your story will have eternal significance just like all those heroes that have gone before us if we can simply allow His leading and guiding. Then take a step back and behold your own blossoming as He makes something beautiful out of our pitiful little efforts and multiplies the very fruit of our hands. He is faithful.


“I am the vine and you are the branches, He who abides in Me, and I in him, bears much fruit; for without Me you can do nothing”….Jesus – John 15:5 NKJV

Dr. Laura Sparks