The Luminous Heart

The Luminous Heart


Two weeks ago, during first service on Sunday morning, I had a vision of a some very interesting white hearts. Not like the classic valentine-shaped heart, but hearts that were anatomically, correctly-shaped with all the intricate valve attachments coming in and out of the designated spots. They were luminously white, glowing as though lit from within…like a lantern. I saw many of them, all over the sanctuary, not belonging to any one in particular, but sort of ambiguously belonging to each one of us. On these hearts I could clearly see one large black spot or sometimes several smaller black spots, stark against the bright white, which of course, prevented the light from shining through. Although the light penetrated, the opaque black spot dimmed the overall light of the heart-shaped lantern. 


It seemed very clear that the blemishes were holding us back from being everything that God has designed us to be. The answer to the black spot was clear and simple: Release it to Jesus. Release the hurt, the pain, the insecurity, the resentment, the sin, the inability, the reluctance…whatever it is, surrender it to a Living, Breathing God who is very much alive and very able to do the necessary heart surgery to remove the offending blackness and restore His light & luminosity to your heart lantern.


This past Sunday, our worship team led us in a beautiful song about resurrecting the Dry Bones. Again the vision of the heart came back to me clearly. This time the vision of the rehabilitated heart seemed to predicate the resurrection of the Dry Bones. But more importantly, that as wholeness is re-established in the heart, that the Dry Bones would simply have to rise…they would have no choice but to rise!


If you are discouraged today, take heart…perhaps more literally… take your heart to Jesus! All He is asking you to do is simply surrender that thing and let Him amaze you with His ability to make you new & luminous so that you can…Go!




….Invest in those around you

        Invite people into life conversation    

            Illustrate Jesus with your life

                    Include them in the celebration of your church

                          Imagine them inside the kingdom…

                        …..Illuminate your world!