What’s Holding You Back?



So today I was thinking again about the lanterns, the luminous hearts that I wrote about last week and I couldn’t get past blame. The blame game is not any fun and only makes life miserable for the blamer and even less fun for the guy being blamed. Rather than being in a state of open surrender, we are in a state of judgment, guarded, closed and ultimately unproductive.


This place is the place where the accuser resides, the one who would have you wallow in un-forgiveness and bitterness, self-pity and distraction. For if you live here, it can pretty much be assumed that you won’t be storming the gates of heaven with your outrageous prayer life. If you live here, you can pretty much stay in the comfort of your wallowing and have an excuse to not do anything for the Kingdom!


We must go to the throne of God and humbly ask him to illuminate the areas of our life that are full of bitterness, the same areas that are not only stopping the light from shining through, but also inhibiting the very work that God has predestined for us to do before the very creation of the world.


Your calling, whatever it may be, is not something to be trifled with. Your calling is the very thing that only you can do to move the kingdom forward, to touch the world from your unique perspective, to light your little corner of darkness with God’s light shining through you and nobody else. I often tell patients that when God made you, he threw away the mold, the pattern, the genetic combination simply cannot and will not be repeated…Ever again! Take a moment and think about how amazing that is, how incredible you are and finally the heavy mantle that you carry. No pressure…but only you can do your job. 


Here is the good news. The God of the universe is infinitely patient with us. He is patiently waiting for us to surrender to Him. He wants to be the Force within you, the Light in you, the Gumption in your calling. We tend to overcomplicate it by attempting to do it all in our own strength and we were never intended to do it all by ourselves. Let’s allow Him today to purge our lives of the darkness, surrendering to his expert heart surgery, so that we might be effective vessels to carry His vital message. People are literally dying, in a world full of corruption, deceit, and sin. All around us, people are dying to hear the Truth. As we surrender the dark places to Jesus, light will pervade our lives and oh the joy that will flood our souls…light and joy that can’t help but spill over into the darkness around us. Will you join me today?