The Wow Factor



Have you ever considered that you were created for the Wow factor. Human beings thrive on being part of something exciting, something bigger than we are. Bigger is better, over-the-top,  Go big or go home, right?


Have you ever considered that we were made to worship Someone? And that if we don’t, we often exchange that someone for something or maybe a different someone.  I have noticed that when my life is going along smoothly, clicking along, I don’t often take the time to worship or even so much as thank the One who is responsible for the smoothing the edges. Oh, but when things go bad, I fall to my knees crying out to the same One in whom I trust to make it better, to intervene, to Wow me with His awesome power. 


So we find ourselves on this roller-coaster of a ride leading to an inconsistent relationship that is lack-lustre at best and even miserable at its worst. But I don’t think it was ever intended to be this way!


I believe that God has ordained the ‘Wowing’ of His people, consistently, even daily! Always the gentleman, though, He won’t force His way into our lives like an uninvited relative or comic buffoon. He waits patiently for us to ask Him in, invite His presence into our lives, at which time He will faithfully and consistently Wow us. If only we would stop long enough to see it.


If you are feeling lack-lustre today, I challenge you to take some time to simply sit with your open Bible in His warm embrace. Allow Jesus to Wow you with comfort and joy and peace and acceptance. 


Then Go…let’s empty the Church and Go. 

Let’s get out of our houses and Go. 

Let the Wow be the motivation to share and love and Be Jesus. 

Let’s take the Wow to the streets, shall we?


And Be Wowed!