A Bleeder Becomes a Leader

King David is recognized even today as one of the finest kings in the history of Israel. He was a fierce warrior, who defended his kingdom against all numerous enemies, but at the same time was berated by one of his wives as being out of control, immodest as he lavishly worshipped the one true God. Labeled as ‘one who had a heart that truly followed after God’, he never failed to acknowledge from whence his strength came. He is known to be the author of most of the 150 Psalms and the father of Solomon, the wisest man in history. 


Yet, as with so many greats, he went through unequalled turmoil as he ascended to his place of rule enduring ridicule, despair, desperate loneliness, fighting for his very survival, a hunted man. 


We must recognize this pattern… A bleeder becomes a leader… as Pastor Teague so aptly put it. But I would add to that, 

A bleeder becomes a healer…

  …a helper

…a doer.


We are called not so much to a life of comfort, but more accurately, to a life of challenge, of pain, even death, that through it all, we might bring life to those around us. It is always from our deepest pain that we are able to minister the most passionately. It is always from the difficult places that we are able to rise and give praise and adoration and credit where credit is due. It is through our pain, that we recognize the pain that others are most surely facing, and it is through our pain that we become light to an equally pained world.


Show me my cross should be our prayer as we walk with the One who bled and died for our lives. Are you all in? Are you able to say with Paul the apostle(another sufferer for the gospel): For me to live is Christ, but to die is gain? For death means eternal life…! 


Are we willing to give up the comfort of our homes, our pews, our sanitized lives for a dying world that so desperately needs to hear the message that we hold so dear, but perhaps a little too closely guarded?


My prayer is that we allow the love of God, the fact that the very God of our amazing and awesome universe loves us, will so permeate our souls that we can’t help but let that spill over to everyone around us. Allow the greatness of Him and His salvation to become the burning message in your heart today. 


Oh Lord, Relieve us of our comfort that we might truly see…