How many times have you prayed for something fervently only to feel like your prayers are bouncing off the walls? --Or smacking you in the face like boomerangs? I have been there more times than I can count. 


I have wondered if perhaps God is sleeping during my prayer time or maybe waiting for me to articulate it in just the right way. Eventually, I tend to give up and get busy with something else and even forget what I thought was so ---fire important in the first place. And maybe, like a spoiled child who forgets what they thought they so desperately ‘needed’ when distracted, that is ok.


But maybe there is something right now that you simply cannot let go of; maybe there is something that your very life and well-being depends on. I challenge you to press in to God and not give up.  For it is here that we can truly hear.  For when we press in, we are forced to keep our focus squarely on Him, where it belongs! Finally at the end of ourselves, desperate enough to persist in blocking out the noise of the world and the cares of everyday life, here is where we can finally meet God.


See, it seems that God wants us to persist so that we can be blessed by the very process of persistence. See, I am convinced that His provision never wanes, He owns a thousand cattle on a thousand hillsides! His provision is more than ample; there is never a shortage and never a ration. But I also believe that God’s provision is reserved for those who genuinely seek and ask in all sincerity.


Remember, He knows your heart and your need before you even ask Him. Truthfully, He doesn’t even need to hear from you! But He longs for your persistence in His presence, just simply because He delights in your company! Stop and digest that for a minute. The very creator of the universe longs to spend time with you and with me. 


See, just like our human fathers love to bestow good gifts on their children, so He longs to love us and provide and bowl us over with Himself. Are you willing to assume the position, persist in His presence for His provision? I can’t think of a better way to spend my time, how ‘bout you?