Trusting God



So, it occurred to me today, reading in 2 Corinthians. Am I really trusting God? My calendar is stuffed full, family stuff, work stuff, my kids’ stuff, so full that I don’t have time some days to hear His voice. How do I know if any of this stuff is from Him if I can’t hear Him amidst the clamor of the day?

I decided today, that before I did anything else, before anyone could get my attention or take me away from it, I would sit down and listen. I would listen for the still small voice, that is always speaking, reassuring, loving us. The still small voice that is normally drowned out by all the noise of our daily grind. 

And guess what! As you might suspect, God hadn’t moved. He was right there and ready to meet with me. How can we not trust in a God like that? He, who created the world with a word, He who healed the blind, cleansed lepers and raised Lazarus from the dead. He who left His throne to be born the most humble of human births, knowing that His mission was to die the most despised of human deaths. Yes, that same One, was sitting presumably with His coffee waiting right there in the quiet place that I had left Him! Okay, okay, so the coffee might be a little bit of a stretch, Someone who never sleeps doesn’t need caffeine to wake Him up! (But aren’t you glad that He allows us to sleep and wake to its heavenly aroma?) 

This is what I discovered. Easily half of what I had on my list seemed to disappear as unnecessary as I got my priorities straight. I prayed that He would keep me focused as I completed the things that survived the cut and guess what? I focused and knocked them out like a champ! I would love to say that the day was problem-free as a result of my dedicated time in the morning, but unfortunately that is far from the truth. However, when my bustle turned into bedlam, my heart was in the right place to handle the fall-out! I have to say that this is most ‘no-lose’ deal we could possibly avail ourselves of…and yet we think that all our stuff is infinitely more important.

Yes, God was there waiting on me. God is there waiting on you. God is there waiting on you and me. Everyone. Well, more accurately, He is always there, beckoning, longing for communion with all of us. How do we know that? Remember that we are made in His image, right? Just as we long for communion with Him, He longs for communion with us. We all carry a God-shaped hole in our hearts, which, like a vacuum, seems so easily-filled with whatever comes our way-- Our jobs, our kids, our homes, our cars, our hobbies, our endless lists, the clamor of the day.

I challenge you, today, tomorrow, and the next to join me in this. Before anything else has a chance to grab or even vie for your attention. Let it be where He is. Open His Word, journal your prayers, spend time meditating on all that He is doing in your life, and then and only then tackle that to do list, trusting God.