What can I offer?



Have you ever, like me, asked yourself that question? Have you ever wondered what you might offer to the kingdom? 

We are gearing up for backpack giveaway this Sunday and what an exciting time it will be. I just know that the fingerprints of God are all over this thing. If you weren’t there on Wednesday evening for the packing of said backpacks, let me give you a little overview…


My kids and I walked in at 6:01 pm to the hub of activity in the sanctuary of the church. It had been transformed into a Backpack Filling Factory. Already the assembly line was in full swing. Grateful to see Pastor Aaron, he simply said with a distinct twinkle in his eye, “Ready to pack some bags, guys…let’s go!” And off he goes at his signature brisk and purposed beeline in the direction of the action. We struggle to keep up.

 It was most surely an overwhelming scene, there were people everywhere, some picking up empty backpacks, others zipping and stacking, and still others filling them with all the necessary goodies.

I should probably fess up. Having gone through years and years of grade school, post-graduate and graduate school, my heart still gets a little fluttery every September, when it is time to change gears, buckle down and gather my tools afresh. However, this time I didn’t get to savor for a moment the smell and feel of fresh crayons, paper or glue sticks, for I most surely would have been plowed over by the Backpack-stuffing Machine.

So, we dug in, my kids and I, (trying desperately not to hold up the line) and proceeded to do our part. Now, here is the crazy part. In about 20 minutes, we were done. Done. Completed. Finito. 1000 backpacks in twenty minutes. No, I don’t mean, me and my kids, I mean everyone. It was the most glorious thing to behold the pride and astonishment on everyone’s faces. That we had finished the race in record time and had energy to spare…But, see, this is the economy of God.


When He puts us on assignment, as we submit our will to His unshakeable one, He will ALWAYS empower us to do it! 


You can chalk this up to good organization and yes, with Pastor Aaron at the helm, it was most surely administrated expertly, but I think the more important thing was all the ‘want to’. It is something that we at Victory Hill can be really proud of. We simply have an abundance of ‘want to’ and I believe that God blesses it as we surrender it to Him!


As we move to go forth and bestow our love (and the backpacks) this Sunday, let us be mindful of His great economy, shall we? For we are His hands and feet extended and He will not allow His Word to return void…whatever part you play, just know that He will multiply your efforts, however humble, for the kingdom. Trust in that today!!


Thank you so much for all the love and support at the Book signing on Sunday, July 31st. Pastor Teague, who has been so supportive and encouraging throughout this project was so gracious to allow me to come and share this story with you and then to share my vision for Book 2, Leah's Blessing. 

We were able to give back an offering of $100.00, on behalf on your book purchases! For all of you who purchased the book and all who plan to, may the source of Jacob's Hope, Jesus Christ, bless you richly as you seek to know Him!